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Irani Decor has more than 20 years of experience in diverse fields of work and experienced and expert teams without any intermediary ready to do your projects for loved ones.
Irani decor is in various wooden fields
And all the efforts of the Irani Decor team to expand its activities and products to serve your dear customers in Tehran and throughout Iran.
And we have tried to make your loved ones more familiar with the Irani decor of decor and variety
Irani Decor has two distinct branches and has a representative and agent to sell your products immediately to your loved ones, and more importantly, having a dedicated workshop ready to carry out your projects for loved ones too.
One of our goals is to satisfy your customers. Our work experience has proven that since Irani Decor has a well-experienced and experienced team, it will provide all its projects at a specified time and in a contract for the delivery of the customer.
And in the same way, in your contract, your dear customers are late for work losses.
Dear Customers, By Buying Irani Decor, Join Our Irani Decor Customers and Get Out of Our Annual Breakthroughs.
سایت ایرانی دکور ایرانی دکور
Parquet & Laminate
Iranian decor is engaged in the sale of laminate and parquet with all kinds of Iranian, Turkish and German brands without intermediary. Laminate and Iranian decorated parquet products include:
Laminate and Iranian parquet : 1 - Parquet and Laminate Arta  2 -Laminate and Parquet Lotus Floor
   3 - Parquet and Laminate Phonix    4 - Parquet and Laminate green Home       5 - Parquet and Laminate Imperial     6 - Parquet and Laminate Z4   
Laminate and Turkish Parquet : 1 - Parquet and Laminate AGT   
2 - Parquet and Laminate Asik   3 - Parquet and LaminateFloor Pan  4 - Parquet and Laminate Vario Click    5 - Parquet and Laminate Aqua Floor   6 - Parquet and Laminate Formica
Parquet and Laminate Germany : 1 - Parquet and Laminate Barabas  2 - Parquet and Laminate Egger  3 - Parquet and Laminate Verox Floor   4 - Parquet and Laminate Krono Tex    5 - Parquet and Laminate Parador

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On the Irani Decor website, we have made it possible for you to connect with our sales experts through the site itself and ask your question.
Just click on the Twitter or Twitter button to activate your private chat window.
Which is a new service from the Iranian Decor website for your loved ones
By registering your order, you can easily buy decorations from Iran