MDF Yeldiz

MDF defective Yeldiz

_  Shetts Model : MDF 
MDF Model :  Shiny
Brand : Yeldiz
_ Made In : Turky
_ Thickness :  16  mm
_ Size : 3630 * 1830
Cloring : Varied

Meet The MDF Yeldiz

MDF Yaldiz is part of the MFD for the Turkish market. MDF Yildiz After the import ban was created in the year 97, Yaldiz's own materials are produced in Iran, as well as the famous MDF Yaldiz. However, a number of limited color codes are imported from MDF in the Iranian Decor decoration. Please note that MDF-i-Diesel produced in our country, our beloved Iran, because of all the materials produced by its Yaldiz factory in Turkey, does not have any difference in quality with MDF Yaldiz.

Irani Decor has been selling MDF Yaldiz Immediately throughout Iran. Dear Customers, be sure to buy the MDF from the website of the Iranian website and purchase the MDF for the real price. And, of course, the cheapest MDF-based price on the Irani Decor site is available for Irani Decor to sell directly to MDF.

Coloring MDF Yeldiz

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