MDF High Gloss Isik

MDF defective Isik high gloss

_  Sheets : MDF High Gloss
MDF Model :  High Gloss

 : Isik
_ Made in : Turky
_ Thickness :  16  mm
_ Size : 2800 * 1220
Cloring : Varied

Meet The MDF High Gloss

MDF ISIk is made in Turkey. And since MDF ISIk is the main MDF in the global market, after importing this brand in the past years and customer satisfaction with this brand has been able to gain a good place in the Iranian market. We refer to the profile of MDF Higlass Ishik here, and we have put the MDF Higlass Ishik Rendering for you, dear customers on the Iranian Decor website.

Irani Decoration Agency is a direct distribution of MDF ISIk sheet in Tehran and throughout Iran. And sold MDF ISIk in the form of pallets, trailer and single sheet, and it is worth noting that orders are made on the trailer from the central Ishik warehouse directly from Orumiyeh. Dear customers, Before purchasing MDF Isik, be sure to purchase the Iranian Call for Pricing from the IRAN and purchase the MDF ISIK at the cheapest price from us. Because Irani Decor has sold the products of MDF Higlass IisK.

Coloring MDF High Gloss Isik

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