MDF Finsa

MDF defective Finsa

_ Made in : Spain
_ Brand : Finsa
_ Kind of MDF : High Gloss
_ sheets MDF : MDF
size : 1165 * 2250mm
_ Cloring : Varied

Meet The MDF Finsa

MDF Finsa is one of the most important imported MDFs in the market of our beloved Iran. The MDF Finsa is the production of Spain, the quality and price difference of which has made it a part of the Lacchet MDF in the Irani decor market. MDF Finsa is in the thickness of 18 millimeter in Iran. MDF Finsa is one of the most popular and expensive brands in the world that has its own customers.

Irani Decor is the main distributor of MDF Finsa in our beloved Iran. Make sure you get our dear customers before purchasing MDF Finsa and the MDF Finsa price. Iranian Direct Decor has sold MDF Finsa in Tehran and throughout Iran, and you can buy MDF Finsa without intermediary from Irani decor.

Coloring MDF Finsa

Work sample Antibacterial
solid colors
Wood Grain
Work sample Wood Grain
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