MDF Faramid

MDF defective Faramid

 MDF Sheets : MDF matte & MDF HighLight
_ Brand : Faramid 
Made in : Iran
_ Thickness :  16  mm
Size : 2800 * 1830 - 2800 * 1220
Cloring : Varied

Meet The MDF Faramid

MDF Faramid is one of the MDFs in the Iranian market, which is domestic production. MDF Faramid is commonly known for its unique prominence, for Faramid's prominence is more than other brands, and is specialized in the production of prominent MDF sheets. MDF Faramid is produced with Thai Vanachai Brain and produced with Korean coatings. In fact, all the imported MDF materials are imported and, therefore, it has gained a good place in terms of quality compared to its other competitors.

Irani Decor has sold out the products of the MDF factory and orders orders in the form of a pallet and trailer from the same floor of the Faramid factory. So be sure to buy the MDF Faramid MDF Freamid as our sales representative to buy MDF Faramid at the cheapest price.

Coloring MDF Faramid

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