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These pages are post-framed, with their brains being the best-quality MDFs available on the market, with their HDF panels in a new way and with modern post-framing equipment.
Formica is a type of coating that can be used on various materials such as: resistance to stinkers (anti-stains), water resistance (waterproof) resistance, heat-resistant to 180 ° C, scratches due to thin film Aluminum oxide is given at the upper surface of the formic acid.
The curvature of the page, or the same page R, will be more similar to the Quartner and Corin pages, and adds to it beautifully.
These plates are produced in two rounded and single-lined circles
The Iranian site provides a non-interactive and direct gift for your loved ones
Products Iranian cabinets Decor:
_ Cabinet Page Matte 5 cm
_ Cabinet Page Shiny 5 cm
_ Cabinet Page PVC 5 cm 
_ Cabinet Page Shiny 3 cm
_ Cabinet Page Matte 3 cm 
_ Cabinet Page PVC 3 cm 
The Iranian cabinet has a decor and color scheme that makes the selection easy for any taste.
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Phone : 77647430 - 021
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Cabinet Page