Parquet Laminate Deniz

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Laminate Deniz is one of the Iranian laminate parquet available on the Iranian market. The parchment Denis is manufactured with the HDD cracker and Turkish tiles with the latest European imported equipment. Iran has exclusive online exclusive Deniz laminate parquet flooring. And all of our dear colleagues who are going to get a Deniz sales or sales agency contact our sales experts. The difference between laminate Deniz parquet and other Iranian competitors is the quality of laminate Deniz parquet. For this reason, Deniz has issued a 10-year warranty for its home-grown home-use product and exerts a 5-year warranty for its commercial use. Note that the laminate Deniz parquet is one of the few Iranian laminate parquet available on the Iranian market, which has a warranty. Be sure to note that in the domestic market, many of the brands on the market that claim to produce laminate parquet with Orly are not used to produce laminate parquet from Orly, but laminate Deniz laminate with German decor decoration with Orly and the device Left is produced. Buy Iranian Decor Parquet Laminate Deniz directly and buy cheap Iranian decor

Deniz laminates specifications:

length  : 1200 mm
width : 187 mm
Thickness : 8 mm
Coverage level is everywhere : 2/36 m2m
Standard : AC4
Made in : ایران
Ckick : Uni Click
Cover : shot Decor
Made By : Turky
Cloring : 12 Clor
Qaranty : yes
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Deniz Laminate Coloring