Parquet Laminate Starfloor

Familiar with laminate StarFloor

Laminate Star Floor is our beloved country in Iran. Which is surely th  first question your dear customers are asking is why laminate star floor is in the Turkish parquet group?

As we say in response to the fact that the Star Floor Park is produced with cracks and cracks and that the laminate star floor has all the international standards, it is due to the high quality of our Star Floor parquet The Iranian site of the laminate star floor decorated in the Turkish lamination group. One of the main advantages of Laminate Star Floor is the anti-bacterial nature of the Star Floor Parquet, as well as  in parquet and environmentally friendly laminate.
Specifications of each Tile Lamint Star Flora:
_Thickness : 8 mm
_ Width : 19 cm
_ Length : 120 cm

Specifications of each package:
_ Number of each package: 10 tiles
_ Coverage of each package: 2/30 square meters
Laminate Star Floor is rich in variety and beautiful color scheme of wood designs.
We have provided the opportunity for you on our site to decorate the laminate star flora without direct intermediation from us. Order by registering with your sales profile.
Contact numbers for your order:
Mobile : 09123346296
Phone : 77647430 - 021
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StarFloor Laminate Coloring