Parquet Vario Click

Familiar with Laminate Vario Click

Vario Click Another parquet and laminate in Turkey is divided into several categories and each category has a variety of designs and colors that make choosing your loved ones easier to fit your taste. And the most important advantages of vario-laminates are their antibacterial functionality, and the HDF fiber compression process produces fewer formaldehyde gas and is environmentally friendly in this regard and has acquired A Plus in the environmental field. . 

Laminate Options Vario Clicker: 

The length of each tile is 1200 mm 
The width of each tile is 192 mm 
Thickness: 8mm 
Coverage level of each package: 1/8456 square meters 
7Standard: AC4 
Manufacturer: Turkey 
On the Iranian Decor website, we have provided you with the opportunity to purchase laminate and clickable vinyl-free cake directly from us. 

Contact numbers for your order: 
Mobile: 09123346296 
Phone: 77647430 - 021

Laminate Vario Click coloring