Parquet Laminate Aqua Floor

Familiar with Laminate Aqua Floor

Parquet and laminate Akva Flora is Turkey's Ser Floor product.

This type of parquet is 100% waterproof and waterproof and washable.

It is therefore perfectly suitable for the floor of the kitchen. And the other benefits of aqua flora laminates can be anti-scratch and anti-fire and anti-dust. This type of parquet and laminate in the northern regions of the country with a lot of moisture is very suitable and it is recommended that the northern dear citizens use this kind of parquet and laminate. This type of parquet and laminate is manufactured to AC4 standard

Aqua Flora Layout Specifications:
The length of each tile is 1200 mm
Thickness: 160 mm
Number per pack: 10 Tiles 
Thickness: 6 mm
Coverage level of each package: 1/90 square meters
Manufacturer: Turkey
On the Iranian Decor website, we have provided you with the opportunity to purchase the laminate Aqua Flora without intermediaries and direct from us.

Contact numbers for your order:
Mobile: 09123346296
Phone: 77647430 - 021

Aqua Floor Laminate Colors