Parquet and laminate Floorpan

Familiar with Laminate FloorPan

Floor pan parquet and laminate are owned by Castemano. Which is produced in Turkey and Russia. Floor pan  Laminate is produced in three AC3 grades (home and personal use) and AC4 (residential and office applications) AC5 (high-traffic and busy office locations).

Floor pan Laminate uses the technology and knowledge of Unilein to make its own laminates, and this knowledge has made it the world's first-tier sales position in the world. Parquet and laminate Floor pan with a thickness of 8 mm are available in our country. With wooden designs and wood knots in some designs, we have achieved a good place for our countrymen.

We have provided the opportunity for you on our site to decorate the floor pan without intermediary and direct from us. Order by registering with your sales profile.

Contact numbers for your order:
Mobile: 09123346296
Phone: 77647430 - 021
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Floor Pan Laminate Color