Parquet and Laminate Ishik

Familiar with Laminate Ishik

Ishik Company started its business in Gozyant, Turkey in 1981. In recent years, exporting 60 percent of its products to leading companies in the field of laminate exports.

Ishik also has experience in the production of MDF sheets used in the cabinet making industry, laminates and tools, including cornice, which has met the high standards of Europe.

Ishik-laminates are produced with AC4 and double-click quality, which has an HDF mid-layer, which makes it less likely to sound and surpasses its competitors.

Specifications of each tile laminate ishik:

_Thickness: 8 mm
_ Wide : 19 cm
_ Width: 19 centimeters
Specifications of each package:
_ Number of packages: 8 Tiles
_ Package cover: 1/824 square meters

Laminate Ishik is rich in varieties and beautiful colors of wood designs.

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