Parquet Laminate Max Floor

Familiar with Laminate MAx Floor

Laminate Max Floor is our beloved country. The Max Floor parquet is one of the products of the Aida Profil factory, which laminate the Max Floor with an AC5 degree of abrasion, which has made it an Iranian lacquer laminate for Iranian laminate. The laminate of Max Floor has a global standard.
Max Floor is one of the most popular products of the Aida factory. The Max Floor parquet is in perfectly competitive quality with other exterior products on the market, and you can buy laminate Max Flora easily and without fear of the quality of the Max Floor parquet.
Laminate Max Floor is also a parquet and environmentally friendly laminate.
Specifications of every tile laminate max floor:
_Thickness: 8 mm
_ Width : 19 cm
_ Length : 120 cm

Specifications of each package:
_ Number of packages: 8 Tiles
_ Package size per package: 8286 square meters
Laminate Max Floor has a wide variety of colors and general colors. Which has exclusive laminate flooring for the Max Floor.
We have provided the opportunity for you on the Iranian Decor site to provide you with the opportunity to buy laminate Max Floor without direct and direct contact with us.
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Contact numbers for your order:
Mobile : 09123346296
Phone : 77647430 - 021
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MaxFloor Laminate Coloring