laminate parquet Green home

Familiar with the Greenhome Laminate

The laminate Greenhouse is part of China's parquet and laminate in the Iranian market. One of the advantages of the Greenhouse laminates that can be mentioned and surpassed its competitors in the Iranian market is under the license of the Greenhouse of Germany.

Green House Laminates:

Thickness: 1212 mm
Thickness: 195 mm 
Thickness: 8mm
Coverage level of each package: 9098 square meters
Standard: AC3
Manufacturer: China
Under license: German Green Company 
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Green home laminate color

On the Iranian Decor website, we have provided you with the opportunity to purchase the laminate Greenhouse without direct contact with us.
Contact numbers for your order:
Mobile: 09123346296
Phone: 77647430 - 021
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