Parquet and laminate Deco

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Deco laminate is part of parquet and Iranian laminate that adds warm colors to your home with wood colors. Parquet and laminate deco is AC4 standard and is one of the best selling Iranian laminates.
Laminate Deco and Parquet Buy Laminate Deco directly from Iranian Decor, and Iranian Laminate and Parquet have been able to achieve high quality after import bans. Distribution of Irati Deco Parquet & Laminate Deco is exclusive to Iranian Decor Company in Pol Chubi area and Karaj province. Buy Deco Laminate or Deco Parquet directly from Iranian Decor
Note that Laminate Deco is one of the few Iranian brands that has a true wear factor. And with the new technology introduced by Deco Factory in December of 1398, today it is produced with ultra-sleek coatings than before, and this new feature of Deco Laminating has made the advantages of Deco Laminating even better than other Iranian laminates. More than ever before. And soon, on this page, we will put on deck deco health tests to address your concerns for dear customers about the quality of deco laminate and the aforementioned deco laminate standards.
Deco Laminate Specifications:
Length of each tile: 1200 mm
Width of each tile: 187 mm
Thickness of each tile: 8 mm
Depending on the surface: 80.1 mm
Standard: AC4
Country of manufacture: Iran

laminate color Deco

We have provided the opportunity for your loved ones to make deco laminate without intermediary and direct from us on the Iranian Decor website.
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