Parquet and laminate Arta

Familiar with laminate Arta

Arta has a bachelor's degree in Belgium
Arta Company offers its products Prestige in both Iranian and foreign markets
Arta laminae with a 8mm E1 layer of thickness ensures confidence in the consumer and gives you extraordinary beauty to your home
Specifications of each tile laminate arta
_ Thickness: 8 mm
_ Width: Approximately 20 cm
_ Length: Approximately 130 cm
Specifications of each Arta Laminate Package
_ Coverage level of each package: Approximately 196 centimeters square
Arta Layouts also have an AC3 standard, with a 10-year written warranty that is posted on the site and on this page for a warranty for your study 
We have provided the opportunity for you on our site to decorate the lint Arta directly and directly from us 
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Arta Laminate Coloring