Parquet Laminate Vorox Floor

Familiar Laminate Verox Floor

Parquet and laminate Roquefort Verox Floor is a product of Germany, one of the largest MDF factories in the world.
This brand is produced in 4 different series with more than 25 different colors and sizes.

Properties of laminate and Verox floor:

_ With abrasion resistance AC3 and AC4
_ Antibacterial function
_ Laminate with grooved groove
_ Have 4 sides of the click, which gives them easy installation
_ Thickness of 8 mm and 16 mm

Specifications for Parquet Verox floor:
Thickness: 1285 mm
The width of each tile is 192 mm
Thickness: 8 and 16 mm
Coverage level of each package: 7271 sq.m.
Standard: AC3, AC4
Manufacturer: Germany
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Laminate Coloring Verox Floor