Parquet Laminate Egger

Familiar with Laminate Egger

Parquet and Laminate Egger began in 1961 with the establishment of the first factory of the Neoppan industry in St. Johann Austrian, which in 1966 succeeded in obtaining compressed fiber technology and confirmed the factory in the same direction. And in 1971, he founded another factory in Delgrat. In the years 1983 and 1989, respectively, the factories were established in Ingolstadt and Germany, and in 1994 in France. At present, Egger has been able to establish 17 manufacturing plants, and has been able to become one of the main suppliers of parquet and laminate in the world by manufacturing high quality and high quality products. In the end, it should be noted that egger belongs to the brothers Egger To the brothers Igor (Michael and Ferretz).
Parquet and laminate Egger are produced in thicknesses of 8 milliseconds and 12 millimeters We have provided the opportunity for you on our site to decorate the lignite Igger without direct mediation from us. Order by registering with your sales profile.
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