Parquet Laminate Barabas

Familiar with Laminate Barabas

Barabas is a product of Germany.

Laminate Barabas is one of the best laminates in the world with the highest standards in the laminate area.

Laminate Barabas in the face of scratches and heat, and heat and abrasion in the tests after the production stages has earned the highest quality ratings over its competitors and has the standard AC4 mark. And the same points make Lambert Barabas a lacquer laminate.

Laminate Barabas is produced in two thicknesses of 8 mm and 12 mm Laminate Barabas is produced in a variety of colors and natural designs of wood that makes it easier for your loved ones to choose. Barabas laminates with a 15 year warranty. Barabas laminate has a paraffin-impregnated click, which is the most prominent feature of the lamination of Barabas with its other rivals in the world.

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Laminate Cloring Barabas