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Today, wallpaper in the design of interior decoration of homes due to various designs and colorful and varied, with Iranian and foreign brands and at a variety of prices has a good place.
We have provided this place to your loved ones on the Irani Decor website to make it a great variety in the brand and make the selection model easy for every taste and help you choose your loved ones.
Decorative wallpaper products of the Irani Decor range include all kinds of Persian and Korean and Italian and branded branded products and wall paper products in Germany.

Irani Decor are decorated with high diversity and are suitable for office and residential areas including bedrooms, children's room and catering facilities.

Today, wallpaper is a good alternative to color in the design of the home and can be washed, which will make cleaning easier, and more importantly, it will give you an ever-increasing beauty of the color of your home.

Iranian Wallpaper

Persian wallpapers have gained a good place in the market for Chinese rivals in terms of price and quality Persian wallpapers, due to their low price and relatively good quality, have little variation in design due to lack of domestic support and poor investment.
And one of the features of these wallpapers is their usability on the ceiling, which we recommend to use on the ceiling because they are more durable.

Persian wallpapers provided on Iranian Decor website :
1 - Album Decoritive    2 - Album Decora    3 - Album Devora   

4 - Album D&G


Korean Wallpaper

Korean wallpapers have a special advantage that surpasses this type of wallpaper compared to other competitors, which is in the dimensions of the roll of Korean wallpapers, which is a wall paper size of 106 centimeters and a length of 15/5 M are Which has a wall capability of up to 15 meters. In fact, if the price of this wall paper is higher than other competitors, it is actually due to the volume of each roll of Korean wallpapers and the album's designs are for the bedroom gladiostat.
Korean Wallpapers Offered in Iranian Decor :

1 - Album Skeen   2 - Album Flora    3 - Album Luxury    4 - Album superior    5 - Album Gracia
Korean Wallpaper

Germany Wallpaper

German paper wallpapers are also part of the world's lacquered wallpaper, and German wallpapers, because of their high diversity and different albums and colors for every taste, have been able to compete with other competitors in the field of wall paper sales. They include 3D wallpapers and baby wallpaper.
German wallpapers provided on Iranian Decor website :
1- Album Lomhi    2 - Album Flock    3 - Album Bohmian    4 - Album Holliwood    5 - Album Nick    6 - Album Zets   7 - Album versache  8 - Album Romantica
Germany Wallpaper

Italian Wallpaper

Italian wallpapers are among the most quality and lacquer wallpapers in the world, which are usually among the most expensive wallpapers in the world. One of the other benefits of this wallpaper is that it can be washed away, making it easy to remove any spots. You can clean them on them. This collection includes wallpapers and sheets. This collection of wallpapers is a velvet wallpaper with designs of rhinestones and brilliant, coarse and striped flowers, with its main theme brown and cream, and golden, black and silver, and compared to other Italian and Other competitors around the world are more expensive
It is also another Italian brand of Tirageh brand, due to the cost-effectiveness of its production in China, as well as many other original products in China, produced by Italian materials.
Italian wallpapers provided on Iranian Decor website:
1 - Album Verciles    2 - Album Gema    3 - Album Chikrooster    4 - Album Belleza    5 - Album Roberto     6 - Album Rain Bow    7 - Album Rain Bow    8 - Album Mystar

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Italiian Wallpaper

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