child room wardrobe

what is it Wallcloset-child room ?

Children's wardrobes are generally divided into two categories
These include a dresser for boys 'rooms and a dresser for girls' chambers, and most importantly the color and appearance of these chests are distinguished.
In this regard, we have placed on the Iranian Decor website a collection of boys and girls booths to help you choose the best of your loved ones.
All the projects that are archived for your loved ones are among the most up-to-date models of the child's room and the girls' room.
The Iranian Décor, with its experienced team and dedicated workshop, has the ability to produce all types of child wardrobes and girls available on the site.

By ordering your design or your proposal through the order form on this page or the contact numbers, you can order an order and after you visit and see the Iranian Decor Specialty Workshop, let us know more about your work and project.

Model Wall closet-child room

On the Iranian Decor website, we have provided the opportunity for you to buy the child's room chest without intermediaries and direct from us.
Contact numbers to register your order :
Mobile : 09123346296
Phone : 77647430 - 021 

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