Wall closets-High Gloss

what is it Wallcloset-High Gloss ?

Persian Decor with a fully qualified team in designing and manufacturing Higlass cabinets, this assures you the dear customers that you should not worry about the beauty of your home with Iranian decor.
At the very first step, you can choose your own custom-made wardrobe with your choice of brand, MDF Higlass. In this regard, we have decorated all kinds of MDF branded decorations in the market in full color so that your loved ones can choose your desired color.
The higlass is a glossy wardrobe that makes your room as beautiful as possible.
We have provided samples of the Higlass wall hangings in Iranian decor for your loved ones to help you choose your loved ones.

Model Wall closet-High Gloss

On the Iranian Decor website, we have provided the opportunity for you to buy Haiglass wall hangings without any direct contact with us.
Contact numbers to register your order :
Mobile : 09123346296
Phone : 77647430 - 021 

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