Hemat Plast WallCover

Famillar with HematPlast

Hemat Plast wall panels are also among the Iranian wallcoverings and are produced in East Azarbaijan province, and with a variety of colors and design than other competitors, they have been able to get better place for customers. hemat Plast wall frames have been able to replace the panels well. Wooden have been a few.
Placing the wall is an ideal solution for residential, office, commercial and industrial applications.

Famillar with hemat plast Wallcover :

Thickness of each profile: 8 mm
Length of each profile: 6 meters
The width of each profile is 30 cm Profile color: 180 colors

We have put all the colors of our wall paint to make it easier for your loved ones to choose from the Iranian Decor website to save you time and money. Buy Wallpap Hult Plast without intermediary and direct from us. Order by registering with your sales profile.

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HematPlast coloring