Datis Wall Cover

Famillar with Datis

Dats wall coverings are also in Iran's walls and due to the high color and high quality variety of dacquered roof tiles, they have been able to replace wood and artificial stones in the design of home decoration.

Some of the features of Wallace Datas are:
1 - 40% reduction in the energy consumption of the interior and a significant reduction in depreciation in the thermal and refrigerating facilities
2 - Sound insulation and thermal insulation
3 - Economical economy, color variation, light weight
4 - Washable, flexible and easy to form, easy to assemble and install
5 - Resistant to water penetration, vibration resistance, acids and openings resistant to decay
6 - Waterproof, anti-flammable, anti-scratch and anti-rot BUY DATIS WALLPAPER WITHOUT INTERMEDIATE AND CONTACT US. Order by registering with your sales profile.

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