C Pan Wallcover PVC

Famillar with CPan WallCover

All-walled PVC flooring is the best quality wall made of our country and produced by Sepahan company in Isfahan. 

Which, in attractive designs and colors, suits you and your loved ones with a decent price and incredible quality, has been able to present itself as the best-selling Iranian wall. 

One of the most important advantages of the Cpan Pan wall is its waterproof, lightweight, removable, easy to install and easy to install. It can be used in walls and ceilings of industrial and office buildings. The dimensions of the C pan wall are approximately 25 x 6 meters. We have provided the opportunity for you on our site to decorate the C pan without intermediary and direct from us. Order by registering with your sales profile. 

Contact numbers for your order: 

Mobile: 09123346296 
Phone: 77647430 - 021 

C Pan Clooring