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Famillar With StraTifi Floor

The country-manufacturer of the Terra Typhi flooring is Jane, another Chinese product in the Iranian market. Stratheife's floors in the competition of Chinese products in the field of PVC flooring have been able to gain a good place in the market for our country. Strada Typhi flooring is produced in tile, and if it is compared to a strategic flooring or Iranian flooring, one can say that they have a relatively similar quality and are in a class of quality. In this regard, Iranian products are decorated, and we have placed the perfect coloring of the stright floors made in China in this page for you. Save time and money by choosing the color and design you want.

Structural flooring specifications:
Thickness: 2 mm
The length of each tile is 4.91 mm
Tile width: 152/4 mm
Number of each tile in the package: 24 pcs
Covering surface of each package: 3/34 square meters

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Stratifi floor cover
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