Polizhen floor covering

Famillar with polizhen floor

Polygan flooring is made in our beloved Iran, due to its affordable price, it has been able to gain a good place in sales with Iranian customers in comparison with other flooring in the market.

Polygon floors are tiled. The Iranian team has made the full color scheme of high quality polymeric flooring on the same page to save you dear customers at your own expense. It is noteworthy that PVC floorings are completely washable and are suitable for flooring of the kitchen. However, due to the reasonable price and low level of flooring floors, most Iranian customers are more interested in other floorings, laminates and parquet floors. Decor for the entire home also uses polygon flooring.

Of course, due to the low price of floorings, the first question asked by customers is that perhaps the low-grade polyurethane floors are likely to be? But in response to these customers, it should be said that the floors of the polyhedron are of good quality and only note that the adhesive you use should be of good quality because one of the important points about the quality of the floors and their longevity The adhesive used to install the flooring.

Polygon flooring specifications:

Thickness: 2 mm
Thickness: 4,914 mm
Tile width: 152/4 mm
Number of Tiles per pack: 30 pcs
Coverage level of each package: 4/18 square meters Buy Polygon flooring without intermediary and direct from us. Order by registering with your sales profile.

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Polizhen floor color