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Learn more about wallpapering:
In the old days, paint and wallpaper were the most common and least costly home decorating equipment, but nowadays, wallcoverings with a variety of designs make choosing easier for you. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a thermoplastic polymer used in the manufacture of wall panels of this polymer. Wall brackets today have many advantages in designing your home, giving you a brief overview of its benefits.

Wall Benefits:
1. Hides technical facilities and channels
2.In the time of the earthquake, they are lighter than the heavy materials used in the old days and have destructive effects, which are therefore more milder.
3. No need to be repaired or replaced until it is exposed to direct sunlight and direct heat of fire and sharp object.
4 - Having the Ministry of Health for insecticides and antibacterials
5 - thermal insulation and cold and humidity
6 - Washable with water and detergents
7 - Light weight
8 - Beautiful variations to make your selection easier
9 - Reduce common costs such as cement and tile and white plaster and paint In our Persian Decor we have done our best to provide a variety of anti-impact and coated wall coverings with the most trusted brands worldwide, including the ideal brand and brand Cpan, and .... in different designs for every taste and prices. Variety is provided for you to make choices easier and less costly for you.

Decorative wall coverings:
1 - Coated wall coverings _Almani Plexiglass - Alper Wall Cover - Wallpap Hemmat Plast _ Cappuccino Wall Cladding
2 - Anti-impact wall coverings _ Wall coverings of AIGA _ ParsPlast Walls - Cape Walls - Coba Walls

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PVC flooring

What is a flooring PVC ?

PVC flooring is actually made of PVC, which is nicknamed "polyvinyl chloride", the same as PVC, which is a high-tech plastics product, and is one of the most important petrochemical products. In this regard, 50% of PVC petrochemicals are used for building construction. Which is a good alternative to building materials, including cement, wood and pottery. Which, besides giving you more beauty to your home, are much cheaper and more affordable, and most importantly, they are environmentally friendly and do not hurt for human health.
PVC floorboards are made of PVC and painted in natural wood designs from PVC. Typically, a thickness of 2 or 3 mm for residential and office areas and 5-millimeter thickness is suitable for sports venues. Note that flooring is required before installing the floor, and then using a special adhesive that is very important to the quality of the adhesive. Because if the adhesive used is not good when installed, it will soon lift the floor. It is worth noting that 3 more floors are used on the floor of the dining room and the kitchen, and the flooring is 2 more for the bedroom.

PVC flooring consists of three or four layers of presses:
1 - Coating layer or PVC flooring: This is a completely colorless layer that is used as an outer layer due to its anti-wear and scratch resistance, and because of their very low thickness, they are used to measure their thickness from a micron meter.
2 - PVC Floor Layer Decor: This layer is actually the same layer of PVC coating that is used in the design and the colors of the wood in their design.
3 - Main layer or PVC core: This layer can withstand the weight and pressure of the travel, and the main component of the thickness of a PVC flooring is this layer, which is very soft and flexible.

Persian Decorative PVC Flooring:
1 - ARTA
2 flooring - Polygon flooring
3 - Rock Flora Flooring
4 - Strategic Flooring
5 - Turquoise Flora Flooring

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