Entrance door

Entrance door Model

Decorative entrance doors are divided into three categories:
1 - Anti-theft doors

2 - MDF Doors PVC Coated

3 - HPL Melamine Doors
security door

Security Door

On the Iranian Decor website for your loved ones, anti-theft MDF doors are covered with American-made walnut and lacquered wool with a variety of designs tailored to any taste.
The difference between the prices of Iranian doors is due to differences in the design of the designs and their gender (Turkish or American) as well as their prominence.

Since your loved ones are buying an online Iranian decor, be sure to compare them with others before you buy them and then buy them.

The standard dimensions of the anti-theft door are 211 * 101 * centimeters and the space required to install 212 * 111 in. Inside the subframe (waiting frame) The subframe can be from 40 * 30 cans or any other metal. The waiting subframe length for an anti-theft door of 212 cm means that the bottom of the floor should not be more than 212 centimeters. Of course, as mentioned, there is no limit to the production in custom dimensions. Click here to view the anti-theft doors of the Iranian Decor website
Cover PVC Door

MDF Cover PVC Door

Another of our products on the Iranian site is MDF MDF décor with PVC coatings, suitable for office and residential buildings.

MDF faces These doors are 6 mm and on both sides of the MDF 5-molded doors. A 1 mm PVC coated on MDF is glued with adhesive at a temperature of about 100 ° C.

MDF doors are available in two ways:
1 - MDF doors with PVC cover

2 - MDF doors with pewter and polyester beads

In each of the two models, the designs are 2 frames and 3 frames of the MDF designs.

The internal structure of the MDF door and the MDF door door are made of Russian wood wool, which is the same as the dried wood, which creates special wood-coated joints of MDF doors. The dryness of the particular joints of wooden coils has made MDF doors resistant. Inside the MDF doors, Honey Com can be used, and a 3-MHz layer can be used, which is usually used with Honey Kam due to the weight loss of the internal doors.

The interior doors are less than 100 centimeters and can be ordered in larger sizes, and of course, one of the most commonly used doors is the ability to install them in wooden frames.

In general, it can be said that PVC MDF doors are divided into two categories:
1 - No prominence, or the same CNC designs that are divided into highlights 8, 16, and 25 mm.

2 - With 5 or 8 procedures, which in some deep CNC designs are also divided into 11 millimeter procedures. It should cost more when it comes to increasing the thickness of the customer. Click here to see MDF doors
melamine door HPL

Melamine Door HPL

Melamine coatings are produced by the MDF manufacturing plants themselves in a separate production line. Which accounted for 23% of sales in our country.

The difference between the melamine MDF and the melamine chipboard is that the edges of the melamine MDF have the ability to break the edge and their edges can be traced to the sides of the FROM SOFT strip. They have all the decorative qualities, and they have higher resistance to moisture, heat, wear and so on, and these benefits have expanded their scope and application.

Melamine HPL doors are produced in special designs for entrance and interior doors.

Benefits of Melamine Door:

1 - Resistance to moisture
2 - Heat and abrasion resistance
3 - color coordinated edges attached to the surface
4 - reasonable price and color variation
The flaws of the melamine doors:

1 - No high resistance to alkali and acids.
2 - Not all of its levels are integrated and its edges are different
3 - The melamine coating is not the same as acrylic and PVC gloss

Melamine coated doors are commonly known as HPL prefabricated doorways. HPL = high pressus Laminate, which is the same as a formicum, which is a layer made up of several layers made of fibers, such as paper impregnated with heat-resin resins, which are bonded by heat and pressure of 5 mega-Pascal. In the manufacture of HPL sheets, we use kraft paper - corrosion paper - phenolic resin and melamine resin. Click here to see the entrance doors of the melamine website Iranian Decor

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