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Interior decorations in Iran are divided into three categories:

1 - Waterproof Doors

2 - HDF coated doors

3 - HPL Melamine Doors
 (waterprof door ( ABS door

waterprof door ABS door

Waterproof or ABS doors are the same PVC-coated MDF doors. ABS is a material that is more resistant to water. They are at a temperature of about 100 ° C CNC, which you need to pay more for their prominent designs.
ABS is an oil polymer that resists heat in temperatures up to 200 ° C. In order to produce an ABS door, we must first have a three-millimeter MDF or 5 mm diameter nano-paneled MDF. Notice that the doors produced with chipboard give us a better finish than MDF.

The next step is to impregnate the raw material into ABS resin and then cover all the surfaces of the door with an ABS of 1.5 mm and 1.5 mm. The ABS door can withstand heat, water, and humidity. Waterproof doors have a great variety of colors for any kind of tastes and can be produced on the Iranian Decor website in a custom and immediate manner to your liking. Click here to see Iranian Waterproof Doors
HDF Door

HDF Door Room

The price of HDF doors depends on the type of doors and the quality of the materials used to produce the door, as well as the quality of the finish of the door. HDF doors are imported and generally imported from China, Turkey, Malaysia and Romania. This makes the door prices different. Due to the cheapness of these doors than the waterproof doors, many customers use HDF doors for service.

HDF doors are also CNC doors. The HDF procedures produced in general are two-fold, which are limited to the flattened HDF sheet with a thickness of 6 millimeters, which does not have many fans in Iran, and HDF sheets are used in the door industry, which are made up of a diameter of three millimeters. And in the process of producing it by hot rollers, grooves of the same pattern of wood are created on the surface of the HDF sheet. Which makes the appearance look more beautiful, and in some factories a white linen is sprayed on a HDF sheet, doubling its size. The best-selling HDF doors in Iran are 2-frame and 4-frame models. Click here to see the HDF doors of the Iranian Decor website
(Melamine Interior (HPL

Melamine Interior HPL

The melamine coatings are produced by the MDF manufacturing plants themselves in a separate production line. Which accounted for 23% of sales in our country.

The difference between the melamine MDF and the melamine chipboard is that the edges of the melamine MDF have the ability to break the edge and their edges can be traced to the sides of the FROM SOFT strip. They have all the decorative qualities, and they have higher resistance to moisture, heat, wear and so on, and these benefits have expanded their scope and application.

Melamine HPL doors are produced in special designs for entrance and interior doors.

Benefits of Melamine Door:
1 - Resistance to moisture

2 - Heat and abrasion resistance

3 - color coordinated edges attached to the surface
4 - reasonable price and color variation
The flaws of the melamine doors:
1 - No high resistance to alkali and acids.
2 - Not all of its levels are integrated and its edges are different
3 - The melamine coating is not the same as acrylic and PVC gloss
Melamine coated doors are commonly known as HPL prefabricated doorways. HPL = high pressus Laminate, which is the same as a formicum, which is a layer made up of several layers made of fibers, such as paper impregnated with heat-resin resins, which are bonded by heat and pressure of 5 mega-Pascal. In the manufacture of HPL sheets, we use kraft paper - corrosion paper - phenolic resin and melamine resin. Click here to see the interior of Melamine Interior Decor

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