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Turkish and Chinese Security door difference

One of the most important questions about buying anti-theft doors for you is the difference between the anti-theft doors of the Iranian anti-theft door and anti-theft doors in Turkey and anti-theft doors in Turkey, and are generally the first to think about the customers and according to The experience of Iranian decor is proven to us for the quality of anti-theft doors. Because our people generally have poor quality products in our country, and because they do not have confidence in Iranian products, they suspect Turkish Turkish anti-theft doors are more expensive doors.

For this reason, to make it easier to buy, our dear customers on the Iranian Decor site decided to make the differences between the anti-theft and anti-theft doors in Iran and anti-burglary in Turkey.
Security door
Security door

The apparent difference in security door

First, apart from the discussion of quality, we first divide the doors in the Iranian market into three categories:

1 - Iranian anti-theft door

2 - Turkish anti-theft door

3 - Chinese anti-theft door

The Iranian anti-theft doors seem to be quite similar to the anti-theft doors in Turkey, and some in Iran, with the appearance of anti-theft doors in China, have also been produced, but their number is very low. Overall, anti-theft doors are generally divided into two anti-theft doors and anti-theft anti-theft door. However, Chinese anti-theft doors also look like Italian anti-theft doors.

The box of Iranian anti-theft doors is manufactured inside the country or purchased from domestic manufacturers. Their latches and locks are imported from Turkey, and their procedures are manufactured internally, but some manufacturers prefer to use procedures from Turkey for expensive devices and production costs. And in some cases it can be said that anti-theft doors are more robust and more robust than the anti-theft doors in Turkey. And of course, some domestic vendors sell anti-theft doors to Iran as Turkish anti-theft door and assembly line. Of course, most of the anti-theft doors are in the Economics Series, and luxury anti-theft doors are all imported from Turkey.

security door turkish
security door chines
So, apparently, we put anti-theft anti-theft doors in one set and compare them with anti-theft doors.

1 - The apparent difference between Turkish and Chinese anti-theft door

2 - The qualitative difference between Turkish and Chinese anti-theft door

3 - Turkish and Chinese anti-theft door price difference

1 - apparent difference:

The most obvious difference is in the type of their frameworks, the anti-theft door frames are flat and there is a slight difference between the outer surface of the frame and the anti-theft door, if this difference in surface is greater in the anti-theft door than in the Pictures of the first image are the anti-theft door and the second door is anti-theft anti-theft Chinese.

The second difference is in the hinges that the hinges of the anti-theft door are hidden. But the hinges of the anti-theft door are visible from the inside. Their third difference is in their procedural style. The anti-theft anti-theft door is a chrome-plated metal metal door or HDF in some cases PVC-coated anti-theft doors. However, cracked anti-theft doors have MDF faced with PVC or PVC coated wood or MDF.

2 - Qualitative difference:

The first image in the minds of the customer is the low quality anti-theft anti-theft door of the Turkish cracks against the anti-theft doors, which is due to issues that are commonplace to Chinese products in our country. But in the case of an anti-theft door, it's safe to say that it has bought the anti-theft door rather than the money the customer pays for a Chinese anti-theft door. In some cases, the quality of Chinese anti-theft doors is better than Turkish anti-theft doors. For example, Chinese anti-theft anti-theft doors of Chinese HDF cover are more expensive because, as you know, Chinese products They have different qualities and many Chinese products are competing with European products.

3 - Price Difference:

In terms of price, Chinese anti-theft doors are more affordable than Turkish anti-theft doors. The article is designed by the Iranian design team to decorate the Internet so that our customers are more familiar with the differences between anti-theft doors in our dear Iran market.
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