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How to install an anti-theft door

How to install an anti-theft door

On our Iranian Decor website, we have done our best to introduce ourselves to our loved ones in an article about how to install anti-theft doors. We introduce our dear customers to how to install anti-theft doors.

Types of Security door installation methods:

1 - How to install an anti-theft door in partition walls
2 - How to install anti-theft door by welding
3 - How to install Bolt Bolt Anti-Theft Door
4 - How to install an anti-theft door in a screwdriver
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Install Security door by welding method
Install Security door by welding method
a - First, remove the anti-theft door from your package and test the lock and strap function in a series of series to make sure they are healthy.

b - Expect the door from the back of the door (the part that does not have a fin) in the frame and align it exactly and open the door and open it. When you are sure of the proper function of the door, anti-theft door Temporarily restrain through the holes embedded inside the frame with multiple brushes and temporarily install it after several times opening and closing the door and ensuring the level and the flap of the anti-theft door.

c. At the end of the work, after wrapping the door frame fully into the frame, expect to be fully welded after ensuring the correct level of the door and opening and closing it.
Install Security door in partition walls
Install Security door in partition walls
a. First, carefully measure the quadriceps before installing the anti-theft door and insulate the waiting frame with anti-rust so it will last longer.
b. After measuring the frame, be sure to measure the diameter of the frames so that after mounting it does not rush or twist.
C - The precise and complete waiting box, and the leveling in place.
d - The installation phase of the waiting frame must be done with great care in order to avoid possible moves at other stages of the building.
e - The waiting frame must be installed in such a way that the upper edge of the frame with the final floor surface is tangential to the device and does not fall below or below it.
f - After completing the concrete and plastering work, and the color of the waiting frame, you can install anti-theft.
Install the anti-theft door screw
Install the anti-theft door screw
a. First, remove the door from the inside of the package in the same manner as before,
open it and open it a few times, and ensure the safety of the lock and the nappy 

b. Insert the anti-theft door from the back of the unit (the part that does not have a fin) in the mounting position, and align it perfectly, and open and close the series. Just be sure that all the door edges have to be aligned and prove the last step of installing the anti-theft door.

c. After completing the previous steps, now it is time to twist the door frame from the enclosed spaces to the frame and, as in the previous procedure, the screws must be tightened gradually, at the same time and step by step so that the balance of the door and its balance will not be eliminated .
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Install Securitydoor boot roller
Install Security door boot roller
a - Boot roller installation method no longer requires welding and the frame is not expected. We need very sturdy walls with the right fit, for example: concrete walls, brick walls of 35 cm, if using blade pottery Must be 15 cm from the edge of the frame with mortar and cement sand.

b - First of all, ensure that the installation is level and smooth and smooth, and then remove the door from the inside of the package and place it in place, and after several times open and close the door and after the assurance Make sure the hinges are safe to do the correct drill hole test.

c. After aligning the sides of the frame, probe it in its place until the end of the installation and install the drill through the wall of the holes inserted into the framework by piercing the drill.

d - Be sure to check the level of the anti-theft door after you pierce the wall and insert the boot roll into the wall. Before hitting the boot roll, clean the pierced area with a screw or rod, and then place the boot roll on it and place a boot roll with a hammer in the wall before it is closed and then close with a special tool. Boot the roll in the roll and the important thing to keep in mind here is that the screws should be closed gradually and at the same time so that the leveling of the door fails.
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