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Anti-theft door closing guide

The anti-theft doors are more secure because of the interior design and the other doors, and also in terms of overall structure, lock, hinges and material, the door is more versatile than ordinary doors and is more resistant.

Anti-theft doors, in addition to the reinforced and up-to-date locks that make the entry of the thief indoors almost impossible, have features such as fire resistance, insulation for heat and cold, humidity and sound. 
Security Door
Security Door

Important Tips For Buying Security Door

1 - The first and most important thing to note is that the thickness of the anti-theft door frame is usually 1.8 miles. Note that if the door frame is not good, it will be difficult to install the door.

2 - Another important aspect of the door frame is the metal should be of good quality alloy, as well as at the site of the joints, welding is complete in all parts.

3 - Because the anti-theft doors have a high weight, they should be fitted on 2 hinges, and then hinges should be made of good shape and must have bearings.

4. In the case of the choice of an anti-theft door, you should also pay attention to the shape of the cover, since MDF coatings are sharper than PVC coatings, and the other thing is that if your home is in a crowded area and placed in direct sunlight You should use PVC coatings because they are resistant to sunlight and are anti-scratch resistant, which does not have MDF coatings.
Security Door
5 - When buying an anti-theft door, you should also look at the tool and door lock. For example, the handles are made of steel and the lock used in the door locks locking door of the Turkish construction industry, which ranked first in the world's security, and copying it is almost impossible, as well as eye and night locks Check the strap for items that are not available on the market.

6 - If you install the anti-theft door in a place where you need to have more security and safety, you can order your anti-theft door deck by consulting from our sales staff on the Iranian website.

7 - Note that the weight of the anti-theft door should not be less than 95 to 120 kilograms. Note: At the end, it should be noted that the anti-static door you buy if it is made of steel, but not a good lock on it is not the same with a normal door.
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