Security Door

Security door components

These components include an old metal frame consisting of two layers of cold-rolled cladding with a thickness of 1 millimeter in color and a natural wood pattern with an intermediate polyurethane layer that has the standards of cutting resistance, pressure on the surface and on the corners of the anti-theft door. Is .

For the construction of an anti-theft door, a metal sheet, lock, fittings including handles, cabinets, overshoes, postman locks, as well as wood-coated mdf sheets or synthetic wood lining boards are used. Anti-theft doors should be protected against fire, cold and heat and humidity and sound, as anti-theft doors, in addition to providing home security against theft, should be provided against unforeseen incidents such as earthquakes and fire fatigue Good.

The choice of the type of anti-theft door is very important to the location used, for example: anti-burglar doors that are used from 2 thick metal layers of 1 millimeter thickness on both sides and a soundproof layer and a temperature layer as an intermediate layer for the apartment The robbers are not able to destroy the door due to noise. Or, in places that are out of town, for example, factories and ... where robbers are able to destroy an anti-theft door, these hard metal hard metal doors generally reach 2 miles on both sides of the anti-theft door, and The intermediate layer is designed as steel grids, which are reinforced with special injection, anti-slip and anti-acid, anti-degradation and anti-drill materials. Which makes these anti-theft doors have quality standards. And, of course, it's not a good idea to take a look at the choice of gender in anti-theft door case. For example, if an anti-theft door is to be used in wet areas such as the northern areas of the country and factories, then your anti-theft door It has good moisture resistance.
Security Door
Security Door

Seurity door components

1 - Lock: The lock is the most important and most important component in the anti-theft door, which is generally made up of lock frame locks, which generally have 2 separate locks. And these types of locks are very hard to open.

2 - Framework: The best framework used in anti-theft doors is generally to be painted iron or steel and before use. The size of the back is up behind the frame of 210 * 110 cm or 215 * 115 cm. Generally, the anti-theft door frames are made of stainless steel sheet with a thickness of 1.5 mm and a width of 7 cm with an anti-rust proof base. Typically, the anti-theft door leaf is used on a refractory metal plate to make it impossible or delayed to penetrate into the building.
Security Door

Security door fram components

a - Rubber shaft designed on all frames to prevent air, dust and noise from the frame and the door leaf.

b. The body frame is made of a very sturdy 2 mm metal sheet

c - Stainless steel tab. Very strong in keeping with the lock tab for the anti-theft and conventional doors that are fitted in anti-theft doors at 4 points.

d - Temporary rails are used to maintain the frame structure in the dimensions designed for the precise installation of anti-theft door.

e - An empty space to keep the anti-theft door open, which is normally fixed with wall bricks.

f - The hinges for anti-theft doors are 3 and not visible until the door is open at 90 °. I hope that an article about the anti-theft door components was arranged by your design team for some of you, to some extent, to introduce you to the components of the anti-theft door.
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