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Door are divided into two categories:

entrance doors and interior doors We have provided the opportunity for you to choose from on the Iranian Decor site in the section of the building door with the separation of doors. Shop by the Iranian website to decorate various types of building doors at your own expense without intermediaries

Interior door types:

1 - Waterproof door

2 - Front Door Sheet Door (HDF)

3 - The interior of the melamine (HPL)

Types of entrance doors:

1 - Anti-theft door

2 - PVC Door Cover

3 - Melamine Inlet (HPL)

In our Persian Decor we have done our best to provide different types of building doors with different designs for every taste and a variety of prices for you to make choices easier and less costly for you. To see the building's doors are categorized and completely segregated, and your order and purchase order can be found on the main page of the site to the building's door menu.

Contact Numbers Manage Iran Decor for tips and advice:

Mobile: 09123346296

Landline: 77647430 - 021

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