August 31,

Renovate your building to an Iranian professional decor team to get the best possible experience in renovating your building with the least amount of time and materials to choose from.

. Implementation and installation of PVC flooring, laminate flooring, wall paneling, kitchen cabinets, wall paper, wall coverings, etc. will do for your loved ones in the shortest time and without delay as stated in the contract.

Note that all building renovation contracts are offered by Iranian Decor Company at summer discounts. We will do our utmost to reduce your costs in rebuilding your building to the lowest possible price. And actually get your building rebuilt at the cheapest price for you

See examples of building remodeling at:


See the following links to see all types of flooring, wall coverings, laminate flooring, wallpaper, construction doors, cabinets and wardrobes:

Flooring & Wallpaper

Parquet and laminate


Cabinets and cupboards

Building Doors


For more information contact the Iranian Decor Sales Department. Our partners in this section are responsive to your loved ones. Our goal is to please your loved ones.

Experience the convenience of easy shopping and easy shopping with Iranian Décor.

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