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The staining of the wall has its own problems. The stained smell that remains for a long time in space should be tolerated and wait until the paint is dry, but the wall paper is quick to install, and the special glue, which is based on water, does not smell and very quickly It gets dry.
First you need to calculate how many rolls of wallpaper you need if you use a model of wallpaper that is standard size, the size of the walls of the room, and then the amount of space required is calculated according to the table provided by the wall paper. But if you use fabric cloths that are not size-wise, ask the seller to tell you the amount you need. When purchasing a wallpaper, make sure all the balls are colored together and always buy an extra ball if you have miscalculated or patched after installing wallpaper. Before attaching the wallpaper, you must prepare the wallpaper for installation. If the "old wall paper" was on the wall and removed, you should make sure there is nothing left on the wall paper and clean. If you have trouble separating the extra wallpapers, especially on the wall border, you can use the following procedure, manually immerse yourself in warm water, pour 2 soothing spoons and spray on the surface of the wall. After 10 minutes, it is separated from the wall.

To properly hang a wall paper on the wall, the wall must be completely clean and clean of soot and grease. Make holes and scratches under the wall with putty. Before attaching the wall paper to the wall, put the wall surface with a special adhesive and wait until at least a week to dry completely to install on a newly plastered or painted wall. Glue is a gypsum-based powdered wallpaper and must be mixed with some water and wood glue. How to mix these materials is very important to achieve a smooth and bubble-free adhesive.
If the wall is painted and scratches, they should fill them. If the wall is colorful or shiny, squeeze it so that the wall paper adheres well to the wall. Clear any stain like full fat lacquer on the wall. If the wall is newly drawn, after drying the wall plaster, dry it on it and then start to install the wallpaper.
When purchasing wall paper, the calculations should be carefully considered. Draw a wall map layout on the paper and give it to the vendor, based on your experience and skill, will give you the best advice for the amount of wallpaper you buy.
In the installation of wall paper, it's very effective to look carefully at the details of beauty and cleanliness. To paste the wallpaper, place it on the original wall and place it on the ceiling. Before re-attaching, check the corners to be flat and straight. To install the next wall next to the previous one, get as close as possible to the wallpapers and tangentially tied together. Use a sharp shutter around the door and window to clear the edges.
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Wall paper installation method

When cutting a wall paper weighing 10-5 centimeters bigger than the wall height, for the second part, depending on the layout, we may have to add up to 60 centimeters. We cut the whole roll of wallpaper and paste it. It is better to go to the next roll. We stick and cut the roll that we cut and then roll the next roll.

After gluing about 10 minutes, we put the wall paper together from the bonded place and then cling to the wall afterwards. Be careful if we put the wallpaper that we have glued over for more than 15 minutes. The "wallpaper" is damaged and is no longer usable. A kind of wall paper that is made of a nanoscale is very thin, and it is different from the other wall papers that we attach the adhesive on the wall and we paste the dioray onto it if the adhesive is directly to the back of this type of wall paper We are damaged.
If you observe, some of the airbag's wall paper areas are formed using a cutter on the cut bubble. Gently roll the wallpaper and glued and stick with some brush. Then use a small brush to glued on a logo on the wall where you cut it. If a part of the wallpaper has been damaged, carefully cut off the damaged part and cut off the paper wall that is left in the part where the layout and pattern are in accordance with the part from which you are removing, glued behind the wallpaper and Attach the very part you cut.

The wallpaper should not be wrinkled. After gluing, wait a few moments to make the paper so that the paper expands, and it will not wrinkle and bubble when installed. Installing the first paper on the wall is very important, and the rest of the pieces stick together next to the first piece. The installation of wall paper from the window side should begin.
When gluing the grip, move the paper side to the outside of the wall, and draw a solid roller onto the edges of the diori paper we attach to the wall. The edge of the wall paper to the ceiling is about two centimeters higher and cut it down after pasting with a linear scissor. Cut the niche or raised areas of the wall an additional centimeter and separate after installation if it is added. Put the wall paper in place of the full sockets and empty the end of it with a corded cut. When installing the wall paper of gas pipes or water on the wall, you should install a diori paper and cut them around around them. After finishing the work, we can remove the glue from the seams with a wet cloth.
Wall paper installation method

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