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The surface of the cabinet is the most contact with water and should have high resistance to water, scratches and heat. Here are some of the cabinet screens available on the market:
Corin Cabinet:
An artificial stone made of acrylic, the cureboard cabinet is integrated and seamless, has a very beautiful appearance and a lot of color variations. These plates are flexible and formable, through thermal furnaces and molding. They are easy to clean, scratch resistant, waterproof and heat resistant, and are more expensive than MDF cabinets.
These plates are attached to the acrylic resin during construction and installation, the resin is dissolved in the joint between the two plates, and polishes the surface smooth and seamless. The functionality of this page is that the cushioning of the cushion is that if it is damaged after a while, it will simply repair it and become like before.
Run the cabinet screen

MDF cabinet screen

Quartz cabinet screen:
Quartz is one of the most up-to-date building materials in the construction industry and is used for the cabinet board. These pages make up about 80 percent of the natural mineral stones. Quartz plate is resistant to scratches, antibacterial and water absorption is zero. But it's not integrated and the installation locations are clear. The price of quartz stone depends on the amount of quartz shiny seeds, the higher the grain, the more it will be.
The edges of the quartz cabinet panel are shaped depending on the customer's taste. The quartz cabinet panel is connected to the ground cabinets by fittings and it lasts for a long time without the need to polish and wax the luster.
MDF cabinet board:
As the name implies, the cabinet is made of MDF and has an HPL coating that is resistant to water, scratches and heat. It usually has a thickness of 3.2-5 cm in width and a width of 60 to 90 cm and has one side or two sides of the edge.
After installation of the cabinets, we install the cabinet on the kitchen cabinet and, according to the installation of the gas and sink, the cabinet board is measured and cut and the cabinet's surface is screwed into the cabinet. Sometimes the cassette is attached to the cassette with adhesive, which makes it difficult to disassemble in case of a problem.
Run the cabinet screen
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