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The production wall closet

When buying or renting a home, having a large wardrobe is one of the benefits of a home. Wall cupboard is a great bonus for home because it is a good place to keep the accessories in place. The wardrobes help to keep the house upright and stylish, and all the extra appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, clothes, shoes, personal belongings, etc., are placed inside the closets, and the space of the house and around us are tidy. The walls of the wardrobes have a large variety, and interior designers use a wardrobe not only for the bedroom but for the entire living space. The design, the material, and the raw materials for making wall hangings today are more diverse.
To create a wardrobe, we first set the space for it inside the room, and then the body wall of the wardrobe, which is usually made of wood or MDF, is the choice of the color and kind of closets, depending on the people's tastes and their budget. In the design of the closet, it should be noted that what space is designed for the wardrobe and what people are using it for. It can be a library, a desk, a table for make-up, floors and drapes, a comedy for clothes hangers, a console for dishes, a comedy for guest bedding. The height of the wardrobe is up to the ceiling, and above the floor wardrobe is a special kind of items that we use less, such as luggage and as a storage unit. The depth of the wardrobe will be between 60 and 90 centimeters, which usually takes up a bed of 90 centimeters.
Some of the doors are mirrored, which makes the room more spacious and more enjoyable. Wardrobes can be used in the living and living space as a library, buffet, or console, and even if you are not working as a tool for decoration are useful and beautiful. One of the places where the wall closet is so used is by the entrance door, which is useful for putting on clothes and shoes for people inside.
The following points are important in building a wall closet:
The "wardrobe" framework is better than metal. Its strength is more. The use of the MDF frame can be over time, due to the use of heavy equipment, the so-called abdominal cavity.
It is very important in the railing wall racks, and its proper use and long service life depend on the use of quality fittings.
The price of the wall closet depends on the design and sex that the customer offers and the prices vary. The type of wall closet, the number of drains and floors, the model, the type of mdf, and the type of fittings used depend on
Manufacture of wardrobe

Wardrobe installation method

Wardrobe installation

Wardrobes should be classified so that the appliances inside and out are arranged and disassembled. Many homes today are small and can not be put up with a wall cupboard, but with the classification inside the wardrobe can be a lot of appliances inside it.

A variety of wall-mounted wall hangings are built-in: MDF, MDF, wooden wardrobes, Litron's wardrobe and metal armored wardrobes.
When ordering a wall wardrobe, you need to be very careful because it is a product that is no longer interchangeable and should be used for many years. The design of the wardrobe is based on what you want to use the wardrobe. For example, the bathroom wardrobe must have a wardrobe, drawer and a classification for placing a book or a computer desk, or for a young couple, there should be a separate space for clothes, drapes and bags for shoes and shoes And ... to be considered. A wardrobe is required for bedding, usually a space between 180 and a depth of 90 cm.
Most MDF wall-mounted wardrobes are available in a variety of designs and colors. Doors are covered with MDF hoods "HPL". The MDF is often covered with a mattress wall.

Some of the wardrobes have a sleek, slick, smooth finish, and their appearance is simple and modern. They are called "Higlass wall hangings", which are made from MDF. Suitable for low light areas are reflected because of the glossiness of light. Those who are proud of modern styles are choosing this wardrobe for them.
The comedy of open rail walls is easier to close than simple wardrobes. For small spaces, the right option is that the opening of the closet closets makes it hard to put the bed into place, the rail doors are moving within their own frame and there is no need for an empty space in front of them. Rail cabinets should have good fittings. The rails are of two types: the 80-kilo rails and the 30-kilos rails that fit the rails to this wall rack are 80 kilo rails and can withstand high weight, and it's easy to move with the finger of the door.
People who like classical style usually like the marble wall closet. These wardrobes are made up of vacuum press cabinets, with MDF and PVC laminated on them. These cupboards require a lot of space around them, with classic pillars and crowns and carving tools. These wardrobes are priced higher than the other closets, and are designed in the same way as other wardrobes, both simple and in the form of a railing, which is a simpler option for the "membrane wall closet" more beautiful.
Wardrobe installation method

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