Run the building door

Installation of a building door

We see building doors inside the house, called the interior door and the entrance door of the apartment building. Here's a brief description of how to install building and entrance doors. The interior doors have different types, including "HDF HDF Door", "MDF MD door" and "ABS Door" and "PVC PVC Door".

These types of doors are fitted with both a metal frame and a wooden frame. The installation of interior doors by professional installers should be done with the door reagan, installation of the lumbar and handle. The method is mounted on a wooden frame with foam injections. If we want to install wooden frames on the iron frame, it is possible to install wooden boxes on them with special foam without touching the metal frame.
Installation of a building door

Install anti-theft door

Installing anti-theft doors is done in a number of ways, and the installation of these doors is briefly explained here:

  • Installing Anti-theft Anti-theft Wrap: An anti-theft door is located on the back of the side where the fin does not fit into the frame and weigh it exactly. We open and close the anti-theft door for several times to ensure that the door is open and closed and that it is level and convenient. Then, from the holes to be welded on the lid, we make a few boils to attach the anti-theft door to the frame, and then open the door a few times, and again make sure that the door is level and swivel, and Opening and closing it is easy to make the final and complete welding, and the complete door and frame are connected together.
  • Installing an anti-theft door in a screw-bolt: Insert an anti-theft door from the back of the section that has no fins inside the frame, we make it perfectly precise and smooth, and make sure that it is open and closed. After that, we start to screw the box into the anti-theft door in the places we set and tighten the screws simultaneously, gradually and step-by-step so that the level of the door does not disappear.
  • Installing the partition wall anti-theft door: We carefully measure the frame and insulate it against it. The diameter of the frames is measured so that they can not be complicated when installed, and the frame is evenly aligned. The framework should be installed so that the frame has a lot of foot and should be tangential to the floor surface and not down or upright. After concrete, plastering and painting the anti-theft door frame is installed.
  • Installing an anti-theft door roller boot: This method of installing an anti-theft door does not require a frame and requires walls with high and sturdy strength and the door is mounted directly on the wall. The installation site must be smooth, level and smooth. We place the door in place and open it a few times to make sure it is easy to open and close. We pierce the wall and make sure we are leveling the anti-theft door and put the boot roll in the wall. Before the boot roller enters the wall, we need to clean the bar through the hole on the wall, and then place the boot roll with a hammer inside the wall, and then tighten the boot rolls. The important thing in installing as a boot roll is the gradual closing of the screws so that the level of the anti-theft door does not disappear.
Install anti-theft door

Training videos install anti-theft door

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