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Installation of PVC flooring

There are three types of PVC flooring in the market: ROLY, TAYLEY, AND CLICK. PVC flooring is a chemical of polyvinyl chloride, which is made of plastic and is very valuable in the new construction industry. It consists of a layer of PVC resin, which is lined with a layer of paint and a floor plan, and finally a final layer that is colorless, resistant to slip and flooring. PVC flooring is water resistant and washable, and is usable in areas with high traffic.

PVC flooring has a thickness of between two and three millimeters, it has a lot of elasticity. Therefore, during the installation, the floor should be smooth and smooth. If the substructure is not good, the posts and heights of the floor are visible and felt from the PVC flooring. After installing the wood flooring there is not enough and the penetration of the under it is very low and there is no possibility of growth of the carp and mushrooms. It has a small weight and is easy to carry and install. PVC flooring is resistant to heat, acid and fire. Parquet and laminate are more expensive and their designs look like a laminate parquet, and for this reason is a popular flooring. PVC floor cleaning is very easy, it is thermal and sound insulation and is a good choice for cold regions. Has a lot of life. Compared to parquet and laminate flooring, this flooring should be very careful and these floors change over time from sunlight and should be installed in roofing environments. In areas where there is a possibility to glide, such as a kitchen can be used PVC curtain polished. Can be used in homes, office and commercial premises, kitchens, hospitals and laboratories.
Installation of PVC flooring

Install method of PVC flooring

Installation of PVC flooring is possible in four steps:

Cushioning : Flooring should be done, the initial surface should not be tall and should be completely grounded before installing the flooring. The best thing to do is to mix the stone powder, cement and concrete glue. Mix these three together and add water to them. It should be so small that it is easy to spread on the surface of the work, with a knuckle horizontally and vertically, to cover all the posts and heights, and at the end of the flat surface Give us Before this is a deep cleavage filled with cement mortar and sand. PVC PVC flooring is applicable to all surfaces of mosaic, stone, ceramic and mesh. If there is no moisture or moisture on the first floor, wait until complete drying and installing PVC PVC flooring.

The floor should be clean : Before installing a pvc pvc flooring, the floor should be clean and clean of  grease. Before starting the PVC flooring adhesive, the floor should be completely dry. This is to ensure that PVC flooring is well installed.

Floor installation PVC : Stay better than before installing the floor for about 24 hours in the space you want to install. Temperature PVC PVC flooring should be installed between 20 and 30 ° C. To paste the flooring is the best type of industrial adhesive, which is also called instant adhesive and is available in various packages in the market. This adhesive is very volatile due to the presence of a thinner in it, and after the opening of the gum cans, it soon becomes rigid and loses its adhesion properties. The glue is applied both to the PVC PVC flooring and to the floor, and wait a bit until the glue is dry. We should be careful not to rub the glue on the surface of the pvc PVC flooring, and if it is rubbed, clean it very cleanly with a clean cloth because the PVC flooring is sensitive to the gasoline derivatives and the paint is removed.

Immediate glue is highly flammable and should be well adhered to when installing PVC flooring. Before installing, open the door or window to allow the gas to come out of the immediate adhesive and leave open air. Smoking should not be done at the place where PVC PVC flooring is installed, and avoid glare so that the glue dries earlier. When installing PVC flooring, make sure that the bubble is not beneath it and that it is fully attached to the floor. After bonding PVC PVC flooring, you can immediately use it and put materials on it. Avoid drawing heavy objects because it damages PVC flooring.

Installation of PVC flooring, depending on the type of design and color, is installed in the form of brick, rustic, mosaic and .... Sometimes the PVC flooring is pushed apart and fills the gap with metal profiles such as bronze.
Installing cornice : After the PVC PVC flooring was installed, it is time to install a cornice, which is more beautiful with the installation of a cornice. Corinthians are of different sexes. Cornices have different colors, which are chosen depending on the person's taste, but usually they are used with cornices that match the color of the flooring. The ceilings cover the PVC floor joints at the bottom of the wall, which makes the sides of the wall tight.
PVC flooring installation method

Film for installing PVC flooring

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