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Installation of parquet and laminate

The laminate flooring is a tile that has extruded and niche sideways, called by the click and by which these tiles are placed together and locked together and form a coherent and elegant surface.
Tips for installing a laminate parquet should be taken into consideration, and it's easy to install
  • Before installing a laminate parquet, it is best to put 48 "laminate" laminates, such as "laminate arta", in order to match the ambient temperature.
  • Another flooring should not be under the job.
  • The installation site must be completely dry and free of moisture.
  • The floor is clean of any contamination and dust.
  • The surface of the work should be flat and should not be tall. If there is a ceramic floor, make sure the ceramics are not leveled.
  • If the floorboard is new and the floor of the cement or concrete has to be at least a week after it has been, depending on the thickness of the flooring, for example, for a thickness of 6 cm, 8 weeks should be worked out to be completely dry, and then He started installing laminate parquet.
  • If the floor is heated, the temperature of the floor should not be higher than 28 ° C.
Run parquet and laminate

Parquet and laminate installation method

Parquet and laminate installation

In the past, sticking parquet with special adhesive to the floor, but today the laminate parquet is installed as a click.

setup steps
  • First you need to install the laminate tile tiles. Specify the direction you need to specialize. Here we are going to discuss this very briefly.
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    The most important point to determine the direction of installation of laminate floor tiles is to extend the length of the laminets in order to enhance the laminats beauty.
  • The length of the tiles should be in the direction of the length of the room.
  • In a space that is square and the length and width of the room is approximately equal, the length of laminates is installed in the direction of the light of the room.
  • In a rectangular room, windows are usually located longitudinally and do not agree to the light and the length of the room. To install the tiles, we do not use light, and in the direction of the length of the room, the tiles of parquet and laminate, for example, "laminate arta "We install.
  • The length and width of the room before the installation is complete, so that the first and last rows of one are not too wide or narrow and fit.
  • Foam Full Floor. Underneath the surface of the foam layer, which is like a cloud and a thickness of about 2 mm. Foam performs sound insulation, thermal insulation and refrigeration for the room. If you do not use foam under the job, sounds are very bad when you walk and work, for example, a vacuum cleaner will be heard and it is very sad for the floor below. There are two types of foam for this purpose, one called the foamed silencer, used for floors made under cement and concrete, and another type of foam that can be used on floors that are ceramic or plastered. If the floor of the carpet is installed that is not pink or soft, we can direct the laminate parquet on it.
  • We start with foam from the longest wall and spread the same foam wall in the room.
  • The laminate should not be completely clamped to the wall, and should be about 8 mm wide with the wall, which can be used with wedges or laminates themselves.
  • In most laminates, the seamless click of the laminate is designed to start the installation from the left.
  • When it comes to the end of the wall, it is necessary to cut the laminate we want to install.
  • The "laminate parquet", with its bright colors, is arranged in several ways: tangled, stepped, brick, faced.
  • Foams should not be tangled together and should be completely tangential.
  • Do not mix tiles that are similar to each other to make our installation more beautiful.
  • To tighten the tiles together, you need to tap with a hook, use a special wedge or a plastic bumpers hammer to prevent tiles from breaking. But to hit the last tile, you'll need a special tool for this.
  • For lengths and latitudes greater than thirteen meters, the joints should be used, and the connection joints must be installed in the rooms of the room.
  • Do not worry about laminate tiles that are cut, they can be used at the end and at the beginning of the rows of other spaces.

For up to 24 hours heavy objects on the surface of the laminate floor, do not allow the laminate to find its original shape with the room space.

Because the laminate does not stick to the floor with adhesive and clicks into the bed, each time the laminate parquet needs to be replaced, the piece can be removed and replaced.
Run parquet and laminate

Training program for parquet and laminate installation

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