Cornice - Building Tool

Familiar with the cornice

Get to know more about Qarnish:
Another thing that adds to the beauty of your home is cornice. In general, the frames can be divided into two categories of sanka and wooden frames.
We have decorated wooden knives in our interior design department because the wooden frames have a wide variety of patterns and colors, and the prices are reasonable for ceramic and stone frames.
And today, instead of ceramic and stone frames, MDF and pvc (PVC) frames are used in home decor.
Now, maybe many of you ask us why you should use cornice?

As we say in your answer, since the installer installs a parquet and laminate from the walls, the gap is considered as an integral space, which is sufficient if there is an expansion due to the heat of laminate and parquet. In addition to filling the space perfectly, but also with beautiful designs and colors, your home gives you great beauty, and in the case of works made with stone or ceramic, it's also worth mentioning here as the cornices as separators They also add to the beauty of your home.

There are many types of frames:
_ In terms of height:
1 - cornice 7cm 
2 - cornice 9cm

_ In terms of length:
1 - cornice 280 cm
2 - cornice 366 cm

_ In terms of thickness:
1 - cornice 8 mm
2 - cornice 16 mm

And at the end, pay attention to the purchase of cornices, because we find on the Iranian Decor website that if a color of cornice is darker or brighter than your laminate and flooring, it will give you more beautiful home.
Different types of cornices on Iranian Decor:
_ cornice Krono Green
_ cornice yeshil
_cornice AGE 
_ cornice Persia Profil
_ cornice Ara Plast
_ cornice Cabinets

Understanding tools and devices

Other Cabinets and Wall Cabinets Irani Decor:
On our Iranian Decor website, we have made it possible for you to provide our customers with all the cabinet and bathroom accessories you choose.
One of the most important tools is knobs
That handles as a point for applying force to open the closet or drawer ... Is used. The location of the handle is quite tangent but the standard and the location of it is such that it should be mounted so that it is open in the direction of opening or drawer in a direction.
For example: Door handles in the cabinet at 5 cm
The edge of the door extends to a height of 90 centimeters.
Irani Decor Tools include:
_ handle
_ 0 to 100 cabinets
Gasoline hinges
Jack cabinet
Types of locks
Wardrobe Types
_ reily clothets Types
_ Reills
Types of adhesives
Cabinet tool
In our Persian Decor we have done our best to provide different types of cornice with different designs for every taste and a variety of prices for you to make choices easier and less costly for you. To view the frames, they are categorized and completely segregated, and your order and purchase order can be found on the main page of the website.
Contact numbers Contact Iranian management for advice and advice:
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