The service of Iranian shop decor is:

The best materials from our team of decorators, with many years of experience and professional team, provide restoration services to your loved ones. The project delivery time is as per the contract deadline and without delay your delivery becomes dear customer. And since Iranian Decor is a distributor of interior decoration products and you will continue to get acquainted with our products.
At Iranian Decor site you have the opportunity to get in touch with our sales experts through the site and ask your questions. Design and Support Team of Iranian Decor Website by putting the icon of WhatsApp and Telegram applications, we have made it possible for you dear customers to easily order your order through the said apps and of course this soon to be able to support you. Iranian apps will also launch for Soroush.

IRAN DECOR has two separate branches, agents and agents for selling your products without intermediaries and with a dedicated workshop ready to do your projects for your loved ones. Our sole purpose is to satisfy you dear customers. Dear Colleagues who want to get our sales agent fill out and send our Sales Agent form from the menu of our site service and then contact our sales experts.

Distribution and sale of laminate parquet

Iranian Parquet Decor Laminate Products

Parquet flooring and laminate flooring are widely used these days by interior designers and are nowadays one of the most popular and popular building materials. Parquet and laminate in all types of German parquet and laminate brands, parquet and laminate Turk and Iranian parquet and laminate is available on Iranian Decor site and you can buy without any intermediaries.

Laminate flooring in a variety of designs and colors for your taste and purchasing power we have provided to your loved ones to facilitate your choice and shopping You can get acquainted with the types of parquet and laminate brands by visiting the parquet and laminate section and After choosing your brand buy your product and increase the beauty of your home more and more to support our national product We have put quality Iranian products in our product portfolio so you dear customers without worrying about Iranian brand quality Buy your parquet and laminate.

Distribution and sale of wall coverings

Iranian Wall Decor or Wall Decor Products

In the old days, the most common work for walls was paint and wallpaper, but with the advent of wall coverings, a new evolution in wall decoration was introduced. Iranian Decor Wall Cladding or Wall Cladding and Impact Wall Clusters in all types of wall cladding or wall cladding brands, wall cladding or wall cladding pan and ... in different designs and colors for every taste and price to bring together your choice Make it comfortable.

To see the collection of wall coverings mentioned above, just visit our wall and wall section of our site menu, and after acquainting yourself with the types of MDF and PVC wall coverings and their applications, purchase your own wall or wall cover. And we have done our best at Iranian Decor site to meet your needs dear customers in the field of wall coverings.

Distribution and sale of PVC flooring

Iranian PVC Decor Flooring Products

PVC flooring is a good alternative to wood, ceramics and cement which gives the home a natural look with a lot of beauty and is very affordable. Pvc flooring is available in different brands of flooring and flooring in Iran and has many colors and designs. Of course, because of the good price of PVC flooring and its lower parquet and laminate flooring, it is a good alternative to other products.

To get acquainted with PVC flooring from our menu, go to the PVC flooring section. In addition to the flooring product, choose your brand and choose your PVC flooring design and color. And then buy from us. Please note that the purchase of your flooring from our collection is straightforward and you buy from us at the cheapest price of your choice.

Manufacturer of construction doors

Introduction to Iranian door decor products

Types of interior doors such as waterproof door, HDF laminated door and HPL melamine interior door as well as entrance doors which are available in different types such as anti-theft door, MDF entrance door, melamine entrance door on Iranian Decor site. The doors come in different dimensions, different designs and colors for every taste and budget.

At Iranian Door Decor section we have tried to provide additional explanations to meet all your needs dear customers before purchasing and familiarizing yourself with all types of building doors. And this separation is done separately for the entrance and interior door of the building so you and your loved ones can find your chosen door collection more easily and faster and get the information you need.

Design and manufacture of kitchen cabinets and wall cupboards:

Kitchen cabinets and wall cabinets

Iranian site has experienced and experienced team of decorators in kitchen cabinets, wall cabinets and shop decoration. Your orders will be delivered without delay, without delay and within the specified time, and your contract will be delayed with project deliveries with losses. Our dedicated Decor Workshop has over seventy years of experience and performs everything from zero to one hundred. You choose the type of mdf sheet, material and fittings for your project. We have also made every effort to design the latest kitchen cabinetry and wall cabinets and shop decorations, and keep the archive of designs up to date with the help of our experienced consultants.
Wall Cabinets and Kitchen Cabinets is one of the most important items in the field of interior decoration, which is why we have included in our product portfolio. Note that your zero cabinet and wall cabinet projects are carried out by an Iranian designer for an immediate acquaintance. Learn more about how to order in our cabinet and wall cabinet menu to find out how. Designing Your Cabinet and Wardrobe Pre-ordered by our design team at 3DMAX in 3D to prepare your wardrobe and wardrobe design project.

Sales and distribution of MDF sheets

Introduction to MDF Sheets

MDF Sheets MDF has different types of raw MDF, MDF Higgs and ... Available in different types of Iranian MDF and MDF Turk, their Iranian Decor site is available. We have put together a variety of MDF MDF colors, designs and brands to make your shopping and shopping experience easy. And immediately buy your MDF sheet.

We have fully explained the types of MDF brands in our MDF section of Décor website so that your customers know your MDF brand before purchasing your MDF. We have provided MDF sheets for you to get familiar with MDF sheets and their types. Since we have tried to explain your questions partly in the MDF articles as we have tried to answer, so be sure to read the MDF article on our site.

Interior Decoration

Interior decoration discourse

DEC is another service provided by DEC for your dear customers
Launched for the first time in our beloved country by the design team of Iranian Decor Company
We hope that you dear customers and even your esteemed colleagues will be able to reach all your interior decoration questions and answers in this new context and have all your questions about purchasing and quality of goods in the forum to be respected by Iranian décor sales experts. For guidance
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List of Iranian Decor Products

Product Inventory List

Iranian Décor For your well-being, dear customers and saving your time, your loved ones, both colleagues and consumers, will now list your products on a daily basis. We hope that with this new service we have been able to make up for your loved ones with the least amount of love.
Inventory List of Iranian Decor Products including Parquet & Laminate & Wall & Floor Coverings & MDF & Wall Paper & Construction Door including Anti-theft Door & Waterproof Door & Cabinet Doors & Cabinet Doors & Cabinet Plates & Cabinet Models & Types of Cabinets Kitchen and all kinds of wall and frame wardrobe models
Inventory list
Iranian Decor Agency Agent Form

Sales Agent Form

New Iranian Decor Service has been launched for dear colleagues in Tehran and other cities who are looking to sell or sell Iranian Decor. Please contact my dear colleague who is looking to sell and sell Iranian products before filling in our sales agent form first and then through the WhatsApp and Telegram icon on the site and to complete and submit the form. Inform the sales agent and send them a photo of their business card. Co-workers who follow the course of the story will surely come sooner.
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